With more than 30 years of commitment to product quality and service integrity

Aquanautic prides itself today as one of the leading marine, shipbuilding, oil and gas equipment supplier within the region. Incorporated in February 1991, with a dynamic team we remain totally committed to our core values.

Working with our very own engineers, it remains Aquanautic's mission.

Not Only To Sell, But To Serve

Our Range Of Products 

  • Berthing / Docking Aid Systems
  • Emergency Release Couplings
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Exhaust Gas Systems
  • Expansion Joints & Systems
  • Load Monitoring Systems
  • Marine Clear View Screens
  • Vibration Isolators & Dampers
  • Marine Loading Arms & Systems
  • Marine Quay Fenders
  • Marine Window Wipers
  • Navigation Lights
  • Oily Water Separators
  • Quick Connect & Disconnect Couplings
  • Quick Release Mooring Hooks & Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Makers
  • Searchlights
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Shock Isolators & Dampers
  • Signal & Flashing Lights
  • Truck Loading Arms & Systems
  • Tugboat Towing Hooks & Systems