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SLCE Watermakers is one of the world leading suppliers for reverse osmosis watermakers for marine applications onboard, offshore and onshore.

Since 1989, SLCE Watermakers has developed and sold a complete range of systems meeting every need for the transformation of saline water into potable drinking quality water. The SLCE units accept and treat sea-water, well-water and water from the municipal supply networks with output capacities ranging from some hundreds of litres per day to up to 1500m3 per day.

To this day, more than 5000 SLCE plants and systems are in operation worldwide, producing about 100,000m3 of fresh water each day.


Located at the outskirts of Lorient in Brittany on the Atlantic coast of Western Europe, SLCE Watermakers boast a production workshop floor of over 3000m2. Systematically and functionally planned, SLCE’s administrative and engineering offices are equipped with modern organisation, management, engineering, production and communication systems.


SLCE Watermakers systems are suitable for:

• Merchant Vessels
• Naval Vessels & Submarines
• Cruise Ships
• Fishing Ships
• Platforms & Offshore Vessels
• Yachts
• River & Coastal Vessels
• Onshore Facilities
• Hotels & Resorts
• Cities & Villages
• Concrete Batching Plants
• Hospitals

Apart from the standard range of equipment, SLCE Watermakers is able to engineer and provide an efficient and customized solution to each and every single client with specific requirements. Such may include pre-treatment, post-treatment, containers and ATEX certification amongst many others.

Sales, technical support, solutions and after-sales services are based and provided on a worldwide network of exclusive agents. With a proven logistical system, SLCE Watermakers is able to guarantee the services and distribution of spares to nearly everywhere in the world in the shortest time possible.