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Alu Design Helps Aker Solutions Design Next Generation Operator Chair

Jul 2012


Alu Design, a world leader in the innovative design and manufacture of advanced pilot chairs and deck rails, has been selected by Aker Solutions to help design the state-of-the-art MH OCH 300 operators’ chair.

With a slim profile to make the most of restricted space in the drillers’ cabins, the MH OCH 300 offers a new ergonomic standard for users, delivering comfort and a robust, intelligent working environment,

Fully integrated instrumentation is placed intuitively and is easy to use due to touch screen technology, low force joystick and throttles for optimum control of mud pumps and top drive.

The chair’s modular construction and moulded aluminium parts make it extremely simple to install, maintain and easily adaptable to different drilling environments.

“This chair sets a new industry standard,” commented Einar Ulrichsen, Alu Design’s CEO. “There hasn’t been any significant steps forward in the operator chair sector for years and Aker Solutions took note of that, impressing us with their desire to create a new kind of product to service the needs of operators, both current and the future.

“The MH OCH 300 has been created with complete focus on the end-user, providing them with the best quality working environment and supreme levels of comfort. We are very proud of our involvement alongside Aker Solutions and other partners on this project.”


The MH OCH 300 is an Aker Solutions product. Alu Design provided technical solutions and expertise to the finished design. Leading Scandinavian design outfit Hareide Designmill worked on the project, taking the role of overall designer and fellow Norwegian agency Studio Eik provided 3D modelling and the engineering work.

Project leader on the design of the MH OCH 300, Leif Larsen of Aker Solutions commented:

“We listened to our customers’ feedback about what was in the market and made improvements to the comfort, stability and operational performance of the chair. This new operator chair is safer and features enhanced functionality such as the new and improved screens and joy sticks.”

“We took all into consideration at the beginning of our product development’s journey and focused on finding the best partners to help us deliver quite simply, the best, most efficient chair on the market.

“The MH OCH 300 provides all users an ultimate operational experience while still enjoying the comfort, convenience and completely intuitive access to controls.

The product is available for immediate orders, with the first deliveries expected in Q3 2012.

Aker Solutions and Alu Design have successfully collaborated on a prior project, working together to produce an aluminium crane cabin chair in 2010.

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